Friedman Lab


Prof. Nir Friedman


Prof. Friedman's research deals with three related fields

  • Molecular Biology of Chromatin and Transcriptional Regulation: Understanding how cells regulate transcription, interaction between chromatin and transcription, and gene expression.
  • Computational Systems Biology: Applying probabilistic models to understand biological systems and to analyze high-throughput data collected from biological sources.
  • Inference and learning in probabilistic models: Representation, inference, and learning with probabilistic graphical models (Bayesian networks and Markov networks).




Selected Publications

  • A synthetic biology approach to probing nucleosome symmetry with Y. Ichikawa, C.F. Connelly, A. Appleboim, T.C.R. Miller, H. Jacobi, N. A Abshiru, H. Chou, Y. Chen, U. Sharma, Y. Zheng, P. M Thomas, H. V Chen, V. Bajaj, C. W. Muller, N.L. Kelleher, D. NA Bolon, O.J. Rando, and P.D. Kaufman. eLife 6, 2017.

  • Temporal profiling of redox-dependent heterogeneity in single cells with M. Radzinski, R. Fassler, O. Yogev, W. Breuer, J. Gutin, T. Ravid, M. Schuldiner, N. Shai, and D. Reichmann. bioRxiv:198408, 2017.

  • Deciphering cis-regulatory logic with 100 million synthetic promoters with C. de Boer, R. Sadeh, and A. Regev. bioRxiv:224907, 2017.

  • Genome-wide histone modification patterns in Kluyveromyces Lactis reveal evolutionary adaptation of a heterochromatin-associated mark with A. Bean, A. Weiner, A. Hughes, E. Itskovits, and O.J. Rando. bioRxiv:039776, 2016.

  • Perturb-seq: dissecting molecular circuits with scalable single-cell RNA profiling of pooled genetic screens with A. Dixit, O. Parnas, B. Li, J. Chen, C.P. Fulco, L. Jerby-Arnon, N.D. Marjanovic, D. Dionne, T. Burks, R. Raychowdhury, B. Adamson, T.M. Norman, E.S. Lander, J.S. Weissman, and A. Regev. Cell 167:1853-1866. e17, 2016.