Growing the Next Generation of Medical Innovators

The Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a multidisciplinary research center supporting faculty members and young investigators aiming to create cutting-edge tools for the study of biology or the practice of medicine. Research projects range from nanotechnology-based diagnostics to innovative medical devices and advanced computational models.

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Cutting Edge Innovation

Accelerating Medical Device Innovation

Israel BioDesign: Medical Innovation is a multidisciplinary program led by the Grass Center for Bioengineering in partnership with the Hadassah Medical Center and the School of Business Administration. The program is taught over one academic year taking outstanding medical fellows, bioengineering and business graduate students and tutors them in the science and practice of bringing a medical innovation to the market. 

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Direct PhD Program

Our small department allows students to develop meaningful relationships, while our new facilities and access to the Schools of Computers and Engineering offer unparalleled resources.